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October is prime pumpkin picking season! The pumpkin patch opens October 1st and is open every weekend in the month of October from 10am to 5pm!


Join us with your family and friends to continue an old tradition or make a new one! Picking your own pumpkin is a great way to create family memories and find the perfect gourd for jack-o'-lanterns!

Rides to the pumpkin patch are available on the weekends from 10AM to 5PM (unless part of a tour). 



Open weekends 

in October

This includes rides to the

patch in the Pumpkin Cruiser

Saturday & Sunday

10AM - 5PM

Types of Pumpkins
  • Magic Lantern Pumpkins (medium sized pumpkin),

  • Mini Pumpkins (for decorating),

  • Large Pumpkins (for you Jack-O'-Lantern lovers)!

  • Stacking Pumpkins

Pumpkin Pickin' Tour

Read more about this

tour by clicking below.

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